23 de outubro de 2011


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  1. Birkin Boy! I have a question. Can I still wear power shoulder blazers? Like the Balmain kind of style? Do you still wear blazers like that, and if so how do you combine them? Thanks a lot! Admirer of your style.

  2. Dear xgiorgio

    Indeed the style Balmain jacket were too marked in previous seasons. However in my opinion you can still in use it. I suggest you use it with slim pants in black, gray or dark blue. You can place inside a baggy T-shirts with a wide neckline.
    To build a sport look you can always combine Pierry Hardy sneakers or if you want a more elegant look you can choose an elegant shoe like louboutin fred or a zizi from Repetto, always without socks.
    I hope I have helped you:)