25 de dezembro de 2012


From its creation by Louis Cartier in 1917 through its multiple rereleases, writer Franco Cologni recounts the 95 year history of the Cartier Tank watch in a beautiful new book published by Flammarion.
Cartier first tried its hand at watch-making back in 1904, with the square-shaped Santos-Dumont bracelet watch, but it was in 1917 that Louis Cartier spearheaded contemporary watch-making, with the Tank. Writer and historian Franco Cologni dives into the evolution of the Tank over the years, starting right back at the beginning of a fascinating history with the first ever model and continuing through the many updates since, bringing it all to life in Cartier: The Tank Watch, published by Flammarion. With a prolific past complete with numerous versions including the Tank Chinoise, Tank Crash and Tank Anglaise, the watch has decorated the wrists of the most elegant Hollywood stars over the years like Gary Cooper Catherine Deneuve and actor Rudolf Valentino who in 1926 wore the piece in every scene of his film, The Son of the Sheik. Retracing the 95 years of the iconic watch with many archive photographs and drawings, this book is the must-have gift to slip under the Christmas tree.

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